San Jose Rock ‘n’ Roll – Half Marathon 2017

This is my second half marathon. Didn’t run for 4 weeks before this run. Pretty much ran on my CrossFit results. Took me 2hr 53mins.

One other person from the gym also did the half marathon. It too him 2 hrs 3 mins.

The best thing about this half marathon are the music (hence rock n roll), the cheerleaders and the San Jose residents cheering for us. Lots of kids around giving hi-fis. Some of the folks keep saying “you can do it”.

Overall, had good time. You can check Strava overview here.

San Francisco Half Marathon (first half)

This is my very first half marathon. The first 5 miles was relatively flat and was easier. Then came the Golden Gate Bridge for 4 miles which has a little uphill both ways. After that came the SF street roads which were a nightmare to run on. Was walking most of the time I went uphill. Tried to run as much as I can on the downhills and flat so that I can finish it in 3 hours and I did it. Yay!! But honestly, the crowd makes it a little easier.

For practice, I ran 3 – 6 miles quite a lot, 10 miles once before the half marathon.  Apart from that, the general workout at Ironwill CrossFit helped me with this run.

Strava stats can be found here.